• We are the

    satisfied consiousness

    that can create a happy

    network on the earth.

    human evolution.

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    The spirits sing to you
    The spirits sing to you
    Focusing on your energy, I let the spirits sing to you, through me.

    I'll send you the sound file recorded for you. Usually it's 15~20 min.
    Coming soon
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    Ritual artist

    Voice healer



    I sing along the framedrum.
    I am a channel of the higher dimension energy.
    I share it through the sound&voice vibration.
    I am familiar to the dimension since childhood.
  • Sound Vision Journey (private session)

    Remember your true state. You are already satisfied in that dimension.
    Online possible. Please contact me for the detail.

  • About the frame drum


    Frame drum is an a

    Ancient oriental ritual drum.

    Sumer, Anatoria, Egypt, Persia..

    Vibrates delicately like a moon,

    Takes us to the other dimension.


    Frame drum class

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    Please contact me for the detail.

  • I make framedrums by myself

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